Volta boardroom consultancy means: supporting leadership teams with their core issues. Is the business on the right track? Are the board an effective team?

For a top management position, we will be looking for a high calibre individual, and moreover for a person with added value for the leadership team. Someone who can complement the executive team, reinforce it, steer it to calmer waters or add extra energy.

Volta helps organisations to develop their leadership talent and to optimally utilise that talent. Which talents do you need to realise your ambitions?
 How can you identify, evaluate and develop talent? How can you sustainably lift your leadership to the next level?

Volta assists in the development of a vision and strategy for leadership development. Our Leadership Scan quickly identifies the current level of leadership and leadership potential, as well as their effects on performance and results. Our competency management system provides an architecture that serves as a foundation for a structural approach to leadership development.


Whether you need an evaluation of suitability for a leadership role, identification of development priorities or determining potential for growth, the core question is: what are the determining factors for success in the position, and how can we measure them? Volta’s assessments are custom-tailored to the situation and are preceded by a thorough analysis of the context.


Focused coaching of individual and team development, as follow-up to a development assessment in the form of a brief or more intensive coaching process, with the goal of increasing effectiveness in the current role, preparation for the next role, or as a consequence of termination or general career orientation.

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Sometimes your management team needs temporary reinforcements. Whether you are looking for specific expertise during a change process, or have an unexpected opening, Volta Interim Management offers an expansive network of very experienced interim managers and board members.