Anke Noorts

Leaders, lead!

This conviction expresses the essence of Anke’s view of her professional field, assessments and leadership development.
She is a business psychologist with a sharp eye for the personal qualities of people in their professional environment.  Her observations are always crystal clear, constructive and committed -
even when giving recommendations that are not positive. The added value of this stance is reflected in her approach, one that does not shy away from confrontation and succeeds in neutralizing conflict. 
She has more than 20 years of experience designing and carrying out assessments. She quickly sees what is needed. In 2016, this would be primarily leadership in which leaders lead (and occasionally suffer, but that comes with the territory).
In other words, she feels that what is truly needed is to take a stance, understand when the pursuit of consensus no longer provides added value and be able to take the necessary and unpopular decisions. This means swimming against the tide.
The trend towards increasing distrust with what is taking place at the top requires that leaders commit to their position and demonstrate both courage and perseverance. 

That top needs broad shoulders and considerable resistance. Trust and respect must be earned.  Once broken, trust is difficult to regain. Serving as an example of what is expected from employees is crucial.
Are these new insights? No. Are they acted upon? Shockingly, the answer to this question is often ‘no’.
As a strong conversation partner for leaders in a wide range of international business areas, she holds discussions based on the belief that everyone can make a valuable contribution, but this contribution is not always what the organization needs. She emphasizes this in keeping with a positive, yet critical approach.
Is she good company? Yes - for those who enjoy dynamic and stimulating conversation with a good dose of humour and the right perspective on one’s own importance. Those who expect confirmation of his or her own insights may sometimes be surprised.
How does she arrive at her conclusions? Lots of (international) experience, her psychology studies, knowledge of a wide range of different and complementary methods, language knowledge and, above all, a deep-seated conviction that people make the difference. And will continue to do so.
What inspires her outside of her work?  Music (classic for listening, jazz/blues for singing), nature, modern architecture, thrillers and psycho thrillers.