Hans de la Parra

What continues to fascinate me is the strength we all possess to utilize our abilities. From a very young age, I learned to explore and challenge my limits and continue to see opportunities to improve, learn and move ahead. This - at times - battle with yourself is a source of inspiration for me in supporting and advising clients.  Leaders are always looking for ways to improve their performance/contribution and identify and make the necessary changes for both themselves and their organization. The road to a solution is sometimes closer than you might think and requires that you reflect critically on your own actions and call them into question when necessary.

The African (management) philosophy of Ubuntu expresses this best: “I am because we are”. This means searching for the strength of the whole. The focus is not on me, but on the bigger picture. Engaging in dialogue with your surroundings places high demands on your ability to communicate and observe. Reflecting on how your message comes across, what you show of your own excitement, disappointment, etc. are often challenging, certainly when confrontational for others. Finding an effective and constructive approach that benefits the individual and the whole is what primarily inspires and fascinates me and has always served as a guideline in all positions I have held through the years.