Katie Johnman

For me, it is an immense privilege to meet senior leaders from all around the world, with that extra special spice that leaves a lasting impression and makes me feel inspired for years to come. I love to understand what really gives them that unique edge, makes them stand out from the crowd, what footprint they will leave behind. The wonderful thing about working with organisations, however big or small, is discovering and unlocking the unique gifts of the people within. To find a leader who can influence with fearless competitive spirit, as well as with real compassion for people is a rare discovery. A leader who really generates excitement and belief, who stands for something and instigates change, as well as enables, nurtures and recognises good enough in their people is a really special thing.

The great leaders look upon their role as an honour, and the really great leaders often do what they do so effortlessly that they don’t realise the extent of their impact.

Strengths based leadership enables individuals to flourish by truly recognising what it is that they do that has such a special effect on those around them, and of course where they need to keep the lid on to avoid collateral damage! Leadership Assessment is where I am most in flow, and to help leaders to appreciate their gifts as well as where they need to slow down, step up, or cushion the impact, is what really makes me tick as a Psychologist.