Mattyn van Lier

Undertaking interesting university studies in law and HR strategy are a good foundation for the profession, but are definitely not the only thing that have made me the consultant I am. Just as with our clients, education often appears to be an accidental foundation. I’m convinced that values, standards, ambition and motivation determine what type of manager you become, and in my case, what kind of consultant I am.

My labour law studies were motivated by my fascination in how people attempt to capture their personal ideas and contacts within law.  This often succeeds, but there is also often later debate about the interpretation of the agreements made. This has everything to do with the ideas that people wanted to capture. 

The human aspect is difficult to capture in law. For this reason, I turned my attention to HR, in order to gain better insight into human motivations.

The combination of law and strategic HR allowed me to develop a sharp eye for facts and emotions, two issues that are often at play in contracts. My personal motivation here is to bring the two things into balance, first immersing myself in the facts and circumstances in order to properly analyse the situation, and then coming up with thoroughly considered advice.