Patrick Simonis

Good governance is a necessary condition for entrepreneurship!
Under the influence of all sorts of governance codes that have been developed for various sectors, over the past five years the focus among supervisory bodies has shifted towards reviewing figures, procedures and risks. This approach, with a primarily legal/audit character, naturally has its value, but in my opinion it is too one-sided.
Supervision is also about encouraging an entrepreneurial climate so that the business can grow sustainably. This requires managers and commissioners to recognise opportunities and threats in the market in a timely manner, so that they can invest in new infrastructures and competencies and get rid of old resources in time. 


In a period in which the economy has to recover from a global recession, it is especially vital for managers and commissioners to look beyond the obligatory transparency, the accountability of managers and commissioners, risk reduction and moderating top incomes. These issues are important, but the road out of an economic recession is always to encourage entrepreneurship. And an essential precondition for that - after good governance itself - is to stimulate the strategic dialogue between managers and commissioners.
In essence, entrepreneurship is about transforming in time... before the market forces transformations upon you.