Rand Al-Shamaa

As an international consultant I combine a solid knowledge base of finance and HR with a 'soft touch'. My purpose: to bring people in their flow. With enthusiasm, empathy and certainly my intuition, I reveal people's talents. In my experience these talents can often be found in unexpected places. My personal career path has not been that predictable either: as entrepreneur leading my own fitness centre, as financial auditor in the complex environment of Afghanistan, as a coach and trainer in Dubai and Saudi Arabia. I thrive in situations where fundamental change in thought and action is needed. Leadership, talent development and culture change are my specialist areas of expertise.

I have had the privilige that many people have shared their unique life stories with me. Hopefully I have been able to give them a broader perspective on themselves and others, and find alternative solutions. Are you in a position that requires an involved outsider's view? Please feel free to contact me because I love to be your trusted advisor.