Renée Hodzelmans

Consultancy is an exceptional line of work. As an objective outsider, the trick is to quickly immerse yourself in an organisation in such a way that you can ultimately understand what it needs to make it run more smoothly and effectively. At Volta, we focus entirely on the people within an organisation, because at the end of the day, they make the organisation what it is. Only they can make the organisation work better, by each drawing on their own strengths but, above all, by working as a team.  

In my role as executive research consultant, I constantly ask myself which person would flourish the most in a certain team. The obvious way to do this is to search for someone with the right qualifications. But a better, more sustainable option is also to search for someone with the right personality and motivation who will be the best match for the organisation. In this way the client can achieve optimum results while the talents, wishes and ambitions of each individual are allowed to flourish.

My broad-ranging experience in health psychology and in work and organisational psychology has helped me develop the ability to quickly assess what makes people tick. I enjoy deploying that ability in my day-to-day work. My insights are based on a combination of academic knowledge and an understanding of human nature. And because a person never stops learning, I look forward to all the wonderful new cases I’ll be asked to explore!