Roel van Heeswijk

“Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.”


As an Executive Research Consultant I am mainly concerned with establishing the perfect match between candidate and client. While carrying out my work, I like to keep myself informed by several types of data. Normally, I start to gather raw data. For example, by mapping the job market, learning about the client and analyzing the context in which an organization operates. On top of that, a site visit takes place during which the lead consultant and I interview multiple employees who operate on different organization levels. In this way, we do not only learn about the essential knowledge and qualities that a good candidate needs to possess, but also about the organization culture. This information is essential to gain an understanding about what type of character - and which set of soft skills - a good candidate needs to possess to blend in well with the rest of the organization. Eventually, we deliver a detailed job profile, after which my search for a new executive starts.



In the process, I approach issues from different angles. Here, my background in both Small Business Management and Management of Cultural Diversity serves as a solid foundation. During my education, I had the opportunity to gain experience in multiple organizations and institutions in Auckland, Dublin, Barcelona and several places within the Netherlands. On these occasions, I got to work with a wide range of leaders and researchers. These (international) experiences have turned out to be very valuable to me since they learned me to look at things from different perspectives. On the job, this skill is essential since every organization and every assignment ask for a tailormade approach.