Social Responsibility

Volta | executive consultants strives to contribute to a properly functioning society. In addition to careful stewardship of our employees’ talents and choice of materials, in their free time our consultants apply their talents to administrative and social functions for the good of society.

Each year, we also choose a charity to donate a percentage of our net profits. In 2015, this was WarChild.

themselves critically can also develop the strength to lead the business successfully through;margin-right:0cm;margin-bottom:15.0pt;margin-left: 0cm'>Our consultants understand people, and they understand business. We are committed and practical, and we have the quality to make deeper issues visible and negotiable. We help you understand how your business is doing and what it needs to be successful - and to stay that way.

We are proud of our long relationships with our clients, who describe us as an involved ‘outsider’, who understands the environment and the content and always keeps an eye on the human dimension.