Assessment & Development

'The leadership programmes are confrontational and to-the-point.'


  • Growth and good advice are not always painless.
  • Leadership and the development of leadership talent can shape your organisation’s future.
  • Talent alone is not enough; you also need to develop that talent.
  • Vision, drive and influence are the fundamentals of leadership and every individual possesses these qualities to a greater or lesser extent.
  • Good leadership in Amsterdam is not the same as in Shanghai. Assessment requires an international scope and an understanding of how leadership works in a specific context.


We combine our professional knowledge of people with good business sense. Based on an in-depth dialogue with you, we get a clear picture of how ‘good leadership’ looks in your business. What are the challenges facing your organisation, what does your organisation aspire to, and what does this demand of a leader?

We use these insights in our leadership programmes and assessments to draw well-founded conclusions about personality in relation to future success in the job. We often hear people describe our assessments as ‘intense’ and ‘an eye-opener’. Our coaching sessions and workshops adopt a holistic approach and focus on the leader’s internal and external attributes.

In Leadership Assessment & Development, we focus on the following:

Develop a vision of leadership and a strategy for developing talent. The Volta Leadership Scan quickly paints an accurate picture of the organisation’s current leadership level and potential.

How does ‘excellent’ look in this leadership role and how do we measure it? Volta’s assessment identifies the leader’s personal strengths and pinpoints the potential but also the limitations of the leader’s abilities.

Executive coaching is aimed at helping people function to the best of their abilities in their current role or preparing them for the next step in their development. We also hold target-oriented workshops that focus on leadership themes and on helping management teams to achieve top performances.

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