Boardroom Consultancy

'Sparring partners for the board'


  • Alignment between the company’s purpose, leadership and culture is key for success.
  • A successful change in an organisation starts with a change in behaviour at the top.
  • All business successes are related to the quality of management, as are all failures.

We focus on the core issues. Is the business on the right track? Are key roles well allocated? Are the company’s structure and management model up to the demands of new developments in the market? How do we create value, and for who?

Effective leadership means developing a coherent vision. When tensions arise, it is essential to find deeper common ground. What is the difference in character and cultural background of the leaders? Why is the same information interpreted differently? How to turn conflict into synergy? We support leadership by means of evidence-based as well as intuitive solutions and hands-on coaching.

With an international frame of reference, we act as open-minded sparring partners, while confidently steering the process towards actionable conclusions.

Every leadership team has a duty to regularly reflect on: are we doing the right thing, and are we doing it right. For some non-executive boards, just checking off the governance code might suffice. A valuable board evaluation however should go much deeper.

Our review of the supervisory board or the board of executive directors, focuses on the composition of the board in light of the company’s strategic objectives, and the interactions among the board members and with the management below. It is about finding the right balance among both core tasks: alert governance on behalf of the stakeholders, and active guidance to add value to the management’s thoughts and actions.

With an international frame of reference and using sophisticated assessment tools we help guide the self-evaluation process for boards of commissioners and supervisory boards. We look at the board as a whole, but also at the contributions of individual members, with special attention to the role of the chairperson.