Executive Search

'A sharp read of people, and surprising matches.'


  • Deeply understanding the business and the context is the foundation of a good search.
  • Understanding the culture in the boardroom is just as important as knowing the industry.
  • Because we aim for sustainable relationships with our clients, we only propose candidates that we wholeheartedly believe in.


We take a deep dive to understand the business, its purpose and the strategy. Depending on the situation, we will meet with the supervisory board, the board of executive directors, management, colleagues, employees, the Works Council and other stakeholders. We get to know the key players, we discuss the composition of the team and we learn about the company’s DNA. We need clarity on what the new leader is expected to deliver. We draw up a role profile that serves as the foundation for finding and selecting candidates for the position.


We combine modern web search and social network analyses, with old-fashioned but necessary face time. We leverage our network not just for finding good candidates, but also for presenting the right references.


Our selection methods are focused on critically reviewing the candidate’s track record and understanding their personality. Therefore in every Volta search two consultancy disciplines, i.e. executive search consultant and business psychologist, work together.

We only introduce candidates when we are absolutely convinced of the right match. In other words: we do not present a long list of possible candidates; we want to get to know them through-and-through before we introduce a limited number of candidates, suitable in their own way.