Lucas Bols – Chief Financial Officer

Lucas Bols N.V.

“Entrepreneurial leadership, strategy, M&A, organisational development, building brands”  
Five terms that summarize what’s it all about in this position.   
The position: Chief Financial Officer (CFO) 

The CFO role has a broad financial, operational and managerial responsibility in a stock market listed company. Next to the CEO, this person is the co-pilot of the company; together they form the executive board. They work in close collaboration on strategy, M&A, organizational development and resource allocation. The CEO and CFO are jointly responsible towards supervisory board and shareholders meeting. The day-to-day operational management is executed together with the leadership team with primary focus on building our brands around the world with selected distributor and production partners.  

About Lucas Bols  
Lucas Bols is a stock market listed company, the world’s oldest distilled spirits brand and one of the oldest Dutch companies active.  
The main office of Lucas Bols is situated in a historical building, facing the Museumplein, a well-known public space in Amsterdam. Due to a major renovation project, beautiful open spaces have recently been created in the three-storey building, with the research & education centre located in the heart of the office. 
Lucas Bols is best described as an organization without much hierarchy; management and employees are easily approachable for each other and work well alongside and with each other. Facilities such as focus areas and meeting rooms are at everyone’s disposal. Employees are known to be driven, result-oriented and very aware of the fact that they contribute to the further development of the oldest brand in the Netherlands.  
With 40 colleagues, the main office is compact and well-arranged; at the same time, the world is the playground. Colleagues often find each other in their entrepreneurial mindset and vision on the future. Nevertheless, there is growing awareness that more attention should be given to structure, clarity in action, “a deal is a deal” and getting things done. 

Candidate Profile  
In general 
It goes without saying that the CFO sets him-or herself apart with deep-knowledge and wide experience in the domains of finance and economics. Has been trained in a corporate environment, in which launching and building brands in a consumer market is second nature. Preferably, this person subsequently gained (international) experience in the fields of financial economics, IT and supply chain management. Excels in these domains as a leader. Might have found his or her way in private equity afterwards, where the CFO learned that biggest profits mean gravest risks. Works in close collaboration with the CEO: on the one hand, the CFO is the co-entrepreneur alongside the CEO, whereas, on the other hand, the CFO functions as countervailing power in the board with the aim to take discussions to the next level. Is a robust and trustworthy person, who is loyal to the organisation and its goals. Delivers sharp analyses and knows how to bring these to the attention of others in a tactful manner. Authority and leadership come naturally to the CFO; someone for whom people are willing to work. Shows leadership and not only inspires his own team but is an inspiring and motivating person for all she/he meets. In terms of management drive profiles, it comes naturally to the CFO to emphasize structure, clarity in meeting agreements and lean & mean operations. Feels at home in the fields of production and logistics processes. Experience with M&A is recommended. 
More specific   

  • A broad experience of at least 15 years in various (international) financial roles within a branded goods or trading company, including production and supply chain financial management experience; 
  • Strong business leader with excellent relationship, communication, influencing and analytical skills; 
  • Experience in investor relations and M&A projects is an advantage; 
  • University degree in finance or business economics. Preferably, an additional postgraduate program, such as MBA program with a major in finance, chartered accountant program (Dutch equivalent: register accountant/RA, or charted controller (Dutch equivalent: register controller/RC).  
  • Fully proficient in English and Dutch (very strong preference).