Managing Director Foodvalley NL

Stichting Foodvalley

Disclaimer: this vacancy was posted some weeks ago. At this time (May 8, 2020) we have started to invite a number of candidates for the first interview round. Interested candidates are welcome to send in their application, but should be aware that that a possible second interview round is subject to the outcome of the first round and consultation with Foodvalley. 

“Innovation through inspiration, bonding leadership and collaboration.”

In one sentence the very essence of this position.

The Managing Director Foodvalley NL:

  • Is an energetic and bonding leader with an international scope.
  • Is an initiator and knows how to convert goals into concrete actions.
  • Has a high energy level and thinks in terms of opportunities and solutions.

You are familiar with the playing field and understand the interests of both small and large agriculture companies, as well as the interests of knowledge institutions and government bodies. You mobilize and connect parties. An important task in the first 12-18 months is the establishment of an effective work organization that takes upon itself the strategic-facilitating role in upscaling the international ecosystem.

About Foodvalley:

In 2019, Foodvalley NL was given the assignment to implement the Foodvalley 2030 program. This program aspires to develop Foodvalley into the most prominent global agri-food ecosystem that makes meaningful and crucial contributions to innovation in the global food system. In this, the following ambitions apply:

  1. A thirty percent increase in the consumption of vegetable proteins in 2030 through the introduction of tasty and healthy (partly or wholly) vegetable alternatives for meat, fish and dairy; products made of high-quality vegetable protein ingredients and intermediate goods, sustainably produced with existing and innovative technology, and, as much as possible, based on locally available materials that are rich in protein.
  2. A ten percent increase in high experienced physical wellbeing through production and consumption of healthy food, and a decrease in chronic diseases such as: obesities, diabetes and CVD.
  3. A robust food production process in balance with our living environment, with respect for climate and environment and with fewer materials and losses.

As a program organization, Foodvalley NL plays an important role in supporting companies and knowledge institutions in accelerating innovations based on the three ambitions mentioned above. Together with other service-oriented organizations, Foodvalley NL plays either an executive or directing role in the carrying out of all activities.

Candidate profile: what do you bring to the table?

  • Knowledge of and experience in the (international) food & agriculture sector.
  • Experience with strategic advocacy/lobbying; preferably in an international context.
  • Academic working and thinking level.
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience with general management; preferably management of a medium-sized organization.
  • Full proficiency in English and advanced proficiency in Dutch, preferably advanced proficiency in German and/or French and/or Dutch.

What does Foodvalley offer?

  • Employment conditions that fit the strategic importance of this position.
  • The possibility to embody your vision for the international ecosystem.
  • Opportunity to lead a great, committed and collegial team consisting of highly educated (international) professionals with high levels of expertise.

Learn more? You can respond to this vacancy by clicking the link and filling in the application form. Please attach your CV and optionally a brief motivation letter. Candidates will receive a more extensive job profile that they can take in. In the meantime, we will take a look at your application. In the event that we are both enthusiastic, we will happily invite you for an interview.