Who we are

Who we are and where we stand for 

Volta advises management and supervisory boards on issues that are on their agenda, but that also concern their own performance. We do so by making complex issues clearer, offering different perspectives and monitoring coherence. Our approach is geared towards clear, compact analyses and concrete, applicable recommendations that lead to actual change.

Our consultants understand people and organisations. We are committed and practical, and we are capable of making deeper issues visible and negotiable. We help you understand how your business is doing and what it needs to be successful – and to stay that way.

We are proud of our long lasting relationships with our clients, who describe us as an engaged ‘outsider’, who understands the environment and the content and always keeps an eye on the human dimension.

Our vision of the world and our profession

High-impact changes are occurring at an increasingly rapid pace. This in turn places high demands on the composition of your board and relations between its members. As a management team, you need to determine what these developments mean for you. Where should you invest? And just as importantly: where should you divest? A shared vision among the management team is essential to deal with these issues. That is the starting point for any movement within your company. It is our conviction that management teams that dare to examine themselves critically can also develop the strength to lead the business successfully through transformations.

Our vision of the world