Executive Search

Board members, senior executives and supervisory directors

Good leadership is crucial to the success of your business. That’s why the choice of a new leader – or the individuals who will supervise them – is so important. Effective leadership involves an interplay between the culture of your business and the personality of the candidate. Like in sport, simply signing a star player is no guarantee of success. Instead, the key is to find the right candidate who matches your team and your business culture.
The Volta Boardroom View will identify the key characteristics of your organisation. Together we build up a profile of the ideal candidate, followed by an in-depth selection process to find candidates who can really make a difference. Our approach has proven to be successful; after five years, 98% of the candidates placed by us are still in their role or have been promoted.

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Professionals and young managers

Volta is experienced in executive search for (non-executive) boardmembers and C-suite positions. From our belief that our high quality approach should also be applicable at middle management level, we started Search Rebels. Result driven, focus on longer-term staff planning, extra attention for employer branding, the intern recruitment process and development opportunities for candidates (intern and extern). Specifically focused on the target group of professionals and young professionals. In short, ‘Volta-standards’ for your future senior managers as well.

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