It’s all about leadership

We know what good leadership entails, but we also know that it is always situational. Our consultants help leaders to discover unexpected capabilities. This involves state-of-the-art diagnostics coupled with practical advice on development opportunities.

Our work methods

We combine our professional knowledge of people with good business sense. Based on an in-depth dialogue with you, we get a clear picture of what ‘good leadership’ entails in your business. What are the challenges facing your organisation, what does your organisation aspire to, and what does this demand of a leader?
These insights and our state-of-the-art diagnostic instruments enable us to make evidence-based statements on people’s personalities and their future success in a position.

The questions we answer for you:

  • Is my candidate suitable for this leadership role? How can we support further development?
  • How effective is our management team?
  • What is the level and potential of our senior managers? Which of them have the capabilities needed to further develop?



We go beyond the usual suspects and come up with extraordinary candidates. We guarantee the best match by combining a boardroom view of your business with a sharp selection.

Our work methods

Boardroom view. We will brainstorm with you about the big picture: strategic goals, changes in the market and in your business. Zooming in to focus on the composition of the team and how a newcomer can make a difference. We identify the essentials and translate them into the specific challenges of the role and the qualities that the candidate needs to offer.

Selection. Personality is the key to a good match. It’s not difficult to determine a person’s capabilities on paper. But whether they are a good fit, is a matter of chemistry.

Boosting your reputation. The candidate’s experience of our selection procedure will reflect well on your business. We give each candidate our full care and attention, as well as honest feedback. Time and again we see that candidates greatly appreciate this.

Sometimes work-related situations run less smoothly within your team than you would like to see. At Volta we have extensive experience with team development; eminently, our senior consultants are geared up for this.

Our method
We will discuss and ascertain with you what is going on within your team and organization first and subsequently we will determine the most suitable approach together. This conversation is always conducted by our senior consultants who – in a later stage – will also involve themselves with the rest of the team. Before all else, we start doing interviews with the team members with the aim of engaging all individuals, build a foundation for trust and to create a clear-cut image of the team and its dynamics. The basic principle of our approach is that we – together with the team – ensure that we continue to work on effectiveness and collaboration. During these sessions we work on things that matter and therefore apply exercises and interventions aimed at the specific learning objectives of that meeting. These sessions are intended to encourage trust-building, to improve internal connectedness and to deliver results.

Team Connectivity