Boardroom consultancy

Advice and solutions on organisational issues

Is the business on the right track? Is the composition of the board right and do its members form an effective team? Are the company’s organisational structure and management model aligned with new developments in the market? How do we create value? How can we inspire and develop our employees?

These are essential questions you may have to deal with as a member of a management or supervisory board. Volta helps organisations to find solutions. We quickly understand the complex issues facing your business. We actively discuss matters of substance with you while also guiding the process to a productive conclusion. We don’t just produce reports, but also oversee the implementation and behavioral change that are often involved.

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Audit of crucial organisational processes

Are we focusing on the right things? And are performing well enough? Are we future-proof? How does our business compare with the international benchmark?
A scan of crucial organisational processes will identify specific points for improvement. You will obtain insights into, for example, your HR processes, decision-making, governance or organisational culture. Given the confidentiality and sometimes sensitivity of these matters, we act with the utmost care and discretion. Conclusions aren’t based on single opinions, but instead confirmed by multiple sources. As a result, our advice will set out clear, evidence-based points for improvement.

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Governance consultancy

Supervisory Board Evaluation

We will evaluate the effectiveness of your Supervisory Board in the light of the strategic objectives of your business. We will also consider relations among supervisory board members and with the management board. We help to strike the right balance between both core tasks: alert governance on behalf of the stakeholders, and active guidance to add value to the management’s thoughts and actions.

We look at the board as a whole, but also at the performance and contributions of the individual members, paying special attention to the role of the chairperson as the process manager and director. To do this we use modern analysis and reporting tools, including the validated Volta Governance Scan.

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