Leadership strategy

Aligning your company’s leadership with its ambitions

Does your business have the right leadership on board to deliver its strategy? What leadership principles are critical to ensure future success? A clear leadership strategy will answer these questions. We will work with you to develop a leadership vision for your business, followed by a talent development plan.

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Insight into suitability or development potential

In our assessments we dig deep. In dialogue with the candidate, we reach a carefully considered judgment, not only about their competences, but more particularly about their personality and what makes them special. Since every candidate is unique, the same applies to our assessment programs. We combine in-depth interviews, tests, relevant business cases and where necessary 360-degree feedback.

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Deeper insight and change

For us, coaching is about more than having a good conversation. As coaches we work hard to discover the underlying motivations that unconsciously drive people’s behaviour. A critical prerequisite for a successful coaching engagement is the connection between the coach and coachee. Change requires a relationship of trust based on honest feedback. In order to achieve this, we select the approaches and interventions that are best suited to the individual.

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Leaders of the future

The starting point for any leadership program is the business strategy. Where do you want your business to go and what will that require of its leadership? Our program will develop the competences your managers and board members need to implement your strategy. We build a program which offers new insights and experiences, giving it a high-impact and inspirational effect. Through blended learning, we deliver a combination of group meetings, assessment tools, individual coaching and on-the-job learning.

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Leadership program