Hans Deelen


Making people and organizations successful is what drives me. I believe that successful organizations are built on authentic leadership. As a leader, it’s all about the ‘Future-Engage-Deliver’ (Steve Radcliffe) approach. Good leaders inspire, connect, create opportunities for personal development and steer towards achieving results. Organizational ambition has an important role in this. Therefore, advising and leading on both the ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ sides is important and must be considered and accounted for as such.

Based on this vision, I build strong (management) teams together with my clients. My vision and business orientation as an HR-professional is what makes me a trusted advisor and the logical discussion partner for a CEO, HR Director or a leadership team. My strengths lie in my ability to listen well, analyze sharply and provide feedback while maintaining the relationship.

For almost 30 years I have been shaping the development of people and organizations from different roles. I started as a broad Human Resource Professional, and specialized through various HR-Management positions in candidate selection, management development, succession management, facilitating team sessions and coaching individual employees. Since 2017, I have been self-employed and worked with a wide variety of clients within various sectors.

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