Wim van Limpt


“Throughout the years, I experienced what it means to be a leader. Being authentic, connecting firmly ad being the change you want to see. Leading by example and always maintaining an open mind and righteous attitude.”

The world around us is changing rapidly. This calls for leaders who not only identify change, but also embrace it and turn it into targeted actions. In the process, one should not shy away for resistance or radical measures.

As a manager and director, I gained solid international experience in radical organisational change and the development of new business, markets and partnerships. I am alert, stress resistant and not afraid to act powerful.

As a sounding board to (supervisory) directors and senior managers as well as working as a mediator, I quickly come up with targeted solutions. The essence of my style is involvement, an analytical attitude and the gift to quickly create a safe environment.

I have over 20 years of experience in media, entertainment and sport. Due to my international network, I am often asked to connect people and organisations. In this, it is important to work efficient and goal oriented while always keeping an eye on the interests and sensitivities of the stakeholders involved. What I stand for? Powerful and result-oriented, with attention to the human dimension.

Managing partner Volta | media, entertainment & sport.


Wim van Limpt

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